Most people really don't like talking about their emotions because they feel silly and think people will laugh at them. This is the way most of us live our lives. So we hold it all in and project confidence to everyone while we remain uncomfortable and confused about out internal world. The problem is that many are hiding how they really feel about things and don't speak up when things get difficult for fear that they will look weak or be ridiculed. As a result many remain ignorant of what is happening to them emotionally.

So it is possible to live our lives believing that it is impossible to speak with others about how we are feeling. We can think that everyone else is fine because they are not speaking about such things and conclude that we are the only one feeling the way we do. The truth is that we all feel the same way about lots of things because we are all human.

When you stop and think about it, emotions are the reason that we do most of the things that we do in life. We can run away if we are scared, fight when we get angry, ask someone out when we feel attracted, hide our face when we are ashamed, say sorry when we feel guilty, cry when we are sad, cringe if we step in dog poo, laugh at someone when they step in poo, jump out of our skin when get a surprise, feel a sense of relief when we don't get booked by police, feel proud of an achievement, and so on . . .

Strong and uncomfortable emotions are difficult to deal with and individuals can spend much time, effort and money in trying to suppress how they feel about certain things. How many times have people said that they do what they do (smoke cigarettes, smoke Cannabis, drink alcohol) because it relaxes them? Another example is how many people drink excessively when they separate from their partners to cope with the pain or go to their Doctor for a script of tranquilisers so they can feel more peaceful.

So, emotions are a part of life whether we like it or not! Counselling can be very a helpful way of discussing and getting to know what is happening in a safe and understanding environment. Discussing what is going on internally and finding more constructive ways of expressing ourselves can improve the quality of our lives and see us being much less dependant on substances like tobacco and alcohol to deal with emotions.